"In the beginning, when the planet was new and fresh, all of it was wildernes. It was Earth National Park....Humankind plainly has been chip-chip-chipping away at Earth National Park, devouring the goodies....God, alas, isn't making any more of it. Let us not compromise any further, not out on the land, nor in our own hearts and minds."

—Michael Frome, The Big Outside, 1989


Michael Frome, mentor, friend, and the man who pointed me in the right direction. There's always a part of him constantly reminding you that you need to stay on course. You've got to keep up with everything going on around you, otherwise we run the risk of dissipating, as far as the earth goes. We must remain conscious of what we have around us and sustain it for the future.                            —Michael Wewer

Michael Wewer shoots wild lands throughout the Pacific Northwest and makes his home in Seattle. He is a longtime wilderness photography instructor, and his Through the Lens master class weekends are often sold out.